Currently, the concept art team for this project would like to invite other artists into this visual development process. This is a project in which we are looking for PARTICIPATION and not pledges. This invitation isn’t limited to just artists however. Writers are invited to join this project as a means catalyzing the overall creative process. We are also looking for individuals who may have knowledge in physics, geology, architecture, or other fields to add their own knowledge and ideas as means of finding a solution to a problem: maintaining realism in a fictional world with magic and advanced technology.

All that we ask is that you send us an e-mail with signs of one’s credentials to become a part of this project. If you’re an artist or writer, please direct us to a website or gallery page (such as Deviantart) where we can observe your work and decide whether or not you meet the standards we are looking for.

While the bar will be relatively easy for either artists or writers to reach in order to join this collective process, it should be noted that one should carefully consider the quality of their work BEFORE submitting it; and even then, one should not expect to be immediately accepted. The team will be looking for QUALITY. This is because BFCC’s literary and visual work, in the past, had very few notable pieces that stood out, while others were either copies of works that others had created or works playing on clichés or other trendy forms of entertainment. To prevent this, during this process stage, artworks and literary works WILL BE CRITIQUED, not as a means of bashing the work presented or the creator, but as a means of helping to improve it. Artwork that successfully portrays the setting of BFCC and writing that shows character and plot development are important, as once the initial developmental process is over, these works will serve as an example of the quality that future works will hopefully contain while, more importantly, depicting the world and social atmosphere for other artists and writers to use as material to reference and branch off of in their own works.

Yes, this means that, initially, BFCC will be shaped by a small group of chosen individuals. However, these individuals will be at an artistic and literary level that will greatly add to the setting, and their inclusion into the project will NOT be based on popularity, but the content and quality of their work. This is also by no means a manner of allowing “cliques” to run this creative project, nor a way for cliques to be bred during the process. This is merely a concentrated group of individuals, who have proven their abilities, collectively adding and building upon this fictional world.

Despite the “think-tank” behavior of this project though, particular elements during this development process will be accessible to the public so that they may have some insight into the works being created as well as some ability to add in their own ideas and suggestions.

Once this development process is complete, the content produced will be posted as a whole for the public to access, use as a reference, and create their own works from, effectively turning it into a large-scale community collective work of fiction.

In short, we are laying the foundation, nothing more. Once the foundation is layed down, everyone is welcome into the house.


Some individuals have been concerned about how BFCC, as a whole, was run in the past, believing it to be controlled by a few individuals in secrecy. While a few people were key in maintaining a form of moderation on the forums, it wasn’t for any negative reasons or as a means of elitism. Shortly after Heartwing’s initial story which brought about the world’s creation, other writers and artists began to add to this fictional setting. As a means of maintaining continuity as well as making key decisions as to how the setting worked (it’s cities, the structure of the school and it’s classes, how matters of transportation were handled, and how students of lesser sizes were protected, etc.) a few key individuals who had made notable contributions to the world and sought to help maintain continuity between stories met in a private chat room and, in an organized fashion, held a few initial meetings batting issues back and forth as a means of keeping both the stories that people wrote, the artworks that people created, and the characters that people imagined safe in their continuity and use, thereby forming the rules that kept the works of fiction in collective continuity and characters in the world from being improperly portrayed. After these rules were set and the major points of concern about the world were explained, the community, in how it added to this fictional world, was left to run itself with only the occasional intervention of a moderator to help maintain continuity between the various works created, make sure that characters were not used without permission, and make sure that no rules were broken regarding the content of the works. The reason for leaving the conception of the world after it’s initial inception to a few individuals was not to further their notoriety in any way, but merely to place the solidification of important rules that would help maintain order between the collective fictional works and the solidification of the world itself in the hands of responsible individuals who had added their own works to the phenomenon of BFCC.